“Pure Peroxide does not only represent a solution to guarantee a safe and healthy solution for people in this particular situation. But it does also prove the real ability of Moduline to innovate and to respond to customers’ requests”

- Filippo Fazio

Sales Manager

Pure Peroxide: a simple product

Filippo Fazio, Sales Manager, will explain the use of Pure Peroxide. This appliance can be used by anyone, due to its simple functions and the sanitizing action of hydrogen peroxide can grant everybody a safe and salutary environment to work or live in.


Only 4 simple buttons. The hydrogen peroxide used by our product Pure is neither toxic nor dangerous. Pure Peroxide has been designed to ensure maximum safety. The operator has 15 seconds to leave the room before the machine starts working and he can re-enter 20 minutes after the disinfection cycle has been completed. In this way, hydrogen peroxide will convert into oxygen and micro particles of water, resulting in a completely biodegradable solution.


Pure Peroxide can cover up to 500 cubic meters, or 170 square meters, granting the same sanitizing results. The internal tank contains 1.5 lt and can cover 4 cycles of 30 minutes each. This treatment of saturation with micro-particles will disinfect air and surfaces very quickly and with money-saving costs, if compared to other solutions.


We created Pure Peroxide after discussing some possible solutions against Coronavirus with scientific bodies and experts. Since the beginning of this pandemic, the Italian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation have indicated 3 different solutions to face this emergency; Hydrogen Peroxide was the ideal component to bring an effective, nontoxic and simple solution to our customers.


Pure Peroxide produces a sort of dry fog, made up of very small particles of hydrogen peroxide with the dimensions of 5 micron. This dry fog is able to reach any surface and grant complete environment sanitization. We also recommend opening drawers and closets to reach even the most hidden corners. If there is some food in the room, we suggest covering it.


Pure Peroxide is the first universal product introduced by Moduline. It has been developed going beyond the traditional HoReCa sector as our traditional target. This appliance can be helpful in any kind of place attended by people: offices, medical clinics, stores, gyms, cafés, restaurants, hotels…


Pure Peroxide can be used without any limits in terms of quantity or frequency. It is important to respect the rules given by experts for every professional sector. The hydrogen peroxide used by Moduline is 100% biodegradable and that’s why we chose it. Your health and safety have been our focus points in the design and development of Pure Peroxide.

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